What is Kik Finder and is it Safe?

Kik Finder is a Kik network that allows you to find the Kik usernames of other people around the world. But first off, what is Kik? Kik is basically an alternative method of texting for free. Instead of having to pay to text with your phone, you can easily use Kik for no monthly or daily cost. The app, Kik is available on ultimately any device and is modeled after the Blackberry Messenger. Kik uses WI-FI or the smartphone’s data plan to exchange messages, but at least the texting is free!

Kik Finder is one of the numerous Kik friends finding apps that exist today. It is also one of the best networks to this day. For one thing, Kik Finder is a free app to use unlike some other Kik networks. Secondly, Kik Finder is probably has one of the most detailed search engine. It lets you search by setting the minimum and maximum age plus the gender of the person and the date they were last active. There is also a search here you can just type the username.


Unlike most other existing Kik networks, this one has a set of rules that you need to follow when on the app or website. It helps prevents online predators from preying on underage children by setting the rule that children under the age of 18 cannot trade or ask for R-Rated pictures of themselves. If they do not comply to this rule, the users are subject to being banned. Spam is another big issue. The rules specifically have a section on spam. The limit for posting is one time per hour to limit lagging and bots are not allowed. Harassment is also a very big subject to being banned. Posting pictures of others is not allowed as well as reporting people for no logical reason. If your friends try to report you just for amusement, they could be banned. Nudity is the last topic. Nudity is not tolerable as a profile picture, because it would attract unwanted attention from the wrong type of people. These rules are specifically made to ensure that Kik Finder reaches to the fullest potential it has to be the number one Kik network.

Kik Finder is also an honest company. In the privacy policy, Kik Finder admits that they may use your information to advertise the network. They will also take some of your information from third parties in order to provide the best experience for you. Kik Finder states that your information will not be sold,disclosed, or exposed publicly to any other third parties.